Some More Inspiration

A glimpse at the Sojo Blog- click past the jump to see more!

A glimpse at the Sojo Blog- click past the jump to see more!

Working on the Pro-Poor Social Innovation Crowdmap has exposed me to so many awesome innovations – there are now about 250 different projects cataloged on the map!  It has also led me to discover a lot of inspiring information on social enterprise. Most recently, I came across a piece written in the Guardian, by Kanika Gupta, the Founder of Sojo.

For her Masters thesis, Kanika traveled across Canada learning a bit about different social enterprises, innovations, and organizations along the way. The journey made her realize how important it was for all of these different thought leaders and changemakers to have a living and accessible set of resources to help further inspire them to create, grow, and build social organizations.

Against numerous warnings and all conventional wisdom, Kanika started Sojo, which is an interactive platform where resources benefitting social entrepreneurs are posted. The project is part crowdsourced and part index, co-created between the social entrepreneurship community and Sojo.

Kanika posted a great article in the Guardian outlining tips for those brave and tenacious enough to become social entrepreneurs:

I highly recommend taking a look! Kanika has blogged her story on the Sojo Blog, which is also worth a look.

Hope this dose of inspiration gets you off to a great week!

Also, as usual, I hope you take a minute to add stories of your social innovation or social organization to the Crowdmap! Every entry helps add a bit more information clarifying what solutions are out there to address poverty. It takes 5 minutes and no money to share information. If you have suggestions, please shoot me an email at and I will chat with you further!


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