How does the map work?

My map is powered using Ushahidi’s crowdmapping software. Ushahidi is an open source mapping software that was originally used to track election violence in Kenya. It’s awesome because anyone can contribute – if you are a social entrepreneur, and your project is missing from the map, you can describe it and add it yourself!

To be honest, people haven’t been submitting a lot of reports. I get it – social enterpreneurs are likely very busy, as are anyone working for a non-Profit or NGO. Human capital in many social enterprises is usually much thinner than it should be. I know you’re busy, but I would appreciate it if you contributed 5 minutes to the map. If you guys have got time, let me know how I can help you in exchange for posting your entry!

Even if no reports are submitted directly to the crowdmap, it still tracks twitter hashtags. At the moment, I’ve set them to #innovation, #intdev, #socent, #poverty, and #development. Let me know if I’m missing any useful hashtags and I’ll add them! As an individual, it’s difficult to identify all of the many innovations that already exist to service the underserved. Moreover, if you have suggestions for hashtag searches in languages other than English, please send them along!

Finally, if you’ve got questions or suggestions after reading this description, don’t hesitate to email me at Or better yet, get in touch with me via twitter, @propoormaps


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