Your Contribution Matters: Give 5 Minutes

The Pro-Poor Innovation Map aims to collect information on different interventions that address poverty. Poverty is both an absolute and a relative state – in the absolute, it means not having enough food, water, a shelter, or adequate sanitation. As a relative state, it means living in a place with huge disparity – where only some people have access to education, proper healthcare, or a high standard of living.

Why help me collect this information? I’m trying to publicize effective innovations – if you are an innovator, this gives you a platform to showcase your work. If you are an activist or NGO worker, this gives you a place to outline what’s working for you and find similar interventions located nearby, quickly. If you’re interested in pro-poor interventions or research, you can browse this site to find great cases. It only takes 5 minutes to submit an intervention, and you can do it online, or via sms.

Why collect this information? A lot of interventions dealing with poverty already exist. Cataloguing them visually in one place can help communities identify where innovations are being created near to them. They can also look at similar geographic areas and see what’s happening there. As a researcher, I also want to identify pro-poor innovation clusters – where are there a lot of creative interventions, who is creating them, and are they connected? Connectivity breeds creativity.



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